A short publication made in response to an
up-cycling workshop.


Held once a month in a community church in Glasgow is
an up-cycling workshop with a focus on upholstery. The
workshops are aimed at elderly or unemployed people
who may find themselves living in poverty. For a short
while I photographed two men working on their chairs
as they neared completion, while speaking to them about
the steps they were carrying out.

In response to the photographs, a short publication was
designed for the Rags to Riches shop in Govanhill, who
help these workshops come to fruition alongside other
organisations and charities. To replicate the idea of renewal,
the publication was printed onto recycled paper and simply
bound with two staples. Two typefaces were used for the
text, one being a larger more classic feeling serif for the
sub-title, in comparison to the smaller set sans-serif, for
easier legibility.