A publication in response to a one day photo project.


Taking its name from a photograph in the series,
‘Today I Will Be Happier Than A Seagull’ is a 24
page publication made in response to a day of
picture taking in Blackpool, mainly at the ‘Pleasure
Beach’. Through intuitively shooting and focusing
mainly on candid moments, the small body of work
varies in atmosphere from minimal compositions to
busier, more contrasting subject matter.

This contrast is acknowledged throughout the design
- the muted red being used only for the cover, taken
from an image inside the book, and the cover typeface
differing from the inner. A lot of the visual information
at Pleasure Beach seemed oddly nostalgic, like it
belonged to a past decade. Using GT Zirkon for the title
emphasised this, having been influenced by preceding
typefaces of the past, yet grounding itself as a modern
day sans-serif.