Twelve publications that question the idea of reproduction.


There is a systematic way in which photographs are reproduced to
become multiples; the term ‘original’ is hard to define. In the context
of picture making, the negative is seen as the truest form of what
can be deemed genuine - you can’t go back any further, but there
is still a process of chemistry that has to take place before it can be 
labeled a photograph.

My research and work have accumulated into a limited edition of
twelve publications, each hand bound and numbered with five pages.
Each book however is an only edition in itself as a different negative
is used to introduce each one. The first page is the negative itself,
the following pages being reproductions of it; as the pages progress,
the reproductions continually become more abstracted from the
original, thus with each one comes a differing sense of quality and
honesty. The negative is now part of the publication which removes
the power for further reproductions to be made. This makes each
publication an individual work that can never be reproduced again.