Three publications that surround ideas of
time and perspective.


Is My Now The Same As Your Now? is a short photo book
that formed the basis of an overall project taking inspiration
from the idea of ‘variation’. The first book out of three, was
made in collaboration with Elliot McKenzie. Through different
pairs of photographs taken at the exact same time, the work
is an attempt to bring an awareness of what we have been
taught to understand as the ‘present’, and prompts the viewer
to consider time and how we are individually situated within it
As the book progresses, more details can be found as
evidence that link the differing perspectives to the same
time frame.

(text from inside book two)

This book contains a collection of fifty of the same
photograph. The only varying factor is the way in which
the light was recorded. Each photograph has been
determined an age, measured in ‘ct’. The ct number
has been determined by the formula   
                                                  A = (s X o) / a

Book two contains fifty of the same photographs at differing
exposures, with book three containing the hand written
equations for each photograph.  


Book 1











Book 2